At JDMM, we are a multi-functional duo of creative minds. We can help you achieve your goals with minimal fuss. Whether you need online guidance, inspiration or a simple shout out on our social media channels get in touch.

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Have you ever wanted a quick boost in Social media followers?
Ever needed help taking high-quality photos for Instagram?
Ever needed guidance on monetising your social media following?

If you answered yes, then the chances are you have quickly discovered you need to join a marketing agency with huge monthly costs for a whole range of services you don’t really need.

With us, you only need to ask – you don’t need to sign up to anything. No matter what your request, we will accomplish it with our vast experience within the online world.


WeLoveTaunton on Instagram started at zero. In just 1 month, with only 40 photographs, we built the followers up to almost 1,000. That is nearly half of the towns official Instagram account that has existed for several years with over 1,500 photographs.

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Eventually, we will have a PATREON where you can sign up for a low monthly cost to receive weekly videos from us. These will be fun videos where you won’t feel like you’re learning – but you will be!

Let us know if this is something you are interested in, and we will add you to the waiting list.

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